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10 Ways to Becoming Your Greatest Version

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10 Ways to Becoming Your Greatest Version


Some things I started to do on my journey to becoming my greatest version. Here are 10 Ways to Becoming Your Greatest Version. If  I had learned some of these sooner, the road would have began much earlier. So I’m telling you what helped me, to give you an idea of how you can jump start your personal growth.

Stop saying “I CAN’T”

By saying the words ” I CAN’T”, you are depriving yourself of your own opportunities. When you say those words to yourself, doesn’t it make you feel like a victim? When you think or dream of something that you really want, then follow it with ..”Oh man, I CAN’T do that, go there, or have that”, you are brutally sabotaging your dreams. You know those times when you contemplate on a great idea you may have had, you think so hard about it that you come up with an excuse on why not to do it. You find yourself coming up with a thousand reasons why not to and then just completely will yourself out of doing it. That’s the definite path to becoming your own worst enemy.

You see, what many people don’t understand, is that words are like weapons. Not only in regards to hurting others feelings but helping you cut through the weeds surrounding you that hold you back from moving forward. When you change that “I Can’t” to “I CAN”, and start to believe in yourself, that positive energy will be is what “MAKES THINGS HAPPEN”. When you stop replace the “I CAN”T” with “I CAN” your life will truly start to change.

Stop Feeling Sorry For Yourself

Everyone has had those days where just nothing seems to go right, you step in some dog crap on the way to an interview, you spill coffee all on your white pants, it starts raining all on your natural hair blow out and you have no umbrella. Yeah, yeah, we all know those days right. It’s alright to be a little pissy about it but the best thing to so is jus suck it up buttercup and keep it moving. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you’ve gotta take notes, learn your lesson and move on. The most important thing is to TAKE THOSE NOTES and make sure you don’t make that mistake again. Analyze the situation,  take a look at what got you there in the first place. MAKE A CHANGE! When you stop feeling sorry for yourself, you will begin to free up some space in your mind to think about what you CAN do to fix things. Instead of thinking about how it’s hurting you, think about what you are going to do about it.


Stop Worry About What Other People Are Thinking!


Being concerned about what others are thinking should be your least concern on your personal growth journey. I mean, personal growth is about YOU right?. I mean, If you’ve gotta tuck yourself underneath a rock for a few years then so be it, do you man!  You’ve gotta realize, everyone has something to say about you. Whether it be good or bad. Sometimes people will talk about you and they don’t even know the difference between you and a can of paint. Stop worrying about what others think about you, work on developing your own perception of yourself.

Who are you? What are you good at? Ask yourself these things. Become familiar with your skills, gifts, abilities, whatever you have to offer. What’s unique about you. You may find out that you are good at or the best at lots of things you didn’t know. What do you find easy that others think is difficult? You won’t know unless you find out what you can do. Once you find out how unique you are, you won’t have time to be worried about others. Whatever you chose to think about yourself, just make sure that it’s always self serving, self loving, and self accepting.

Stop Waiting For Things To Happen

Throughout my life, I have learned along the way not to wait for someone to do something for you all the time. Waiting can sometimes take a lifetime. Instead of waiting for ” the right time”, how about now. Now, in the present is the best time for you to follow your thoughts. You never know what tomorrow will have in store for you. All actions begin with a thought. Stop waiting on things to happen, MAKE THEM HAPPEN.

Start Treating Your Body Like you Actually Live In It

I know our lives can all get busy now and then..or all the time. Sometimes we forget that we need our body to be ready to take on the world ahead of us. We need to make sure we get adequate amounts of our bodily necessities. One of the most important things we can do to become our greatest version is to eat right. Once you begin to eat the food that actually nourish your body, you will begin to feel your body loving you back. I’m not a vegan or a food snob…yet, but I sure as hell practice eating well. I’m no saint , I do break down sometimes but it’s all about balance. Eat Health, Health is wealth!

Eating healthier is not always the easiest task but we all need to start somewhere. You can begin by getting more leafy greens and vegetables in your diet. If you don’t like them, there are plenty of ways to make them taste good of you do it right. I personally like to juice raw vegetables and make fruit smoothies. I can always tell the difference in when I eat healthy food and not so healthy food. When i juice I feel like I can work out for days. On the other hand, eating fried foods gives me the “Itis”.

I know, healthier costs more but the extra couple dollars is way cheaper than that “heart attack burger hospital bill. So in order to be a better you, you’re gonna need that extra energy to put in work on what you want to achieve. When you got a 9 to 5 and the only time is after work, then you will surely need that energy to ” DO YOU”.

Stop Blaming Society

You may or may not have had the best life growing up. You can’t let that determine your current path. Be accountable for your actions. Stop blaming society and take responsibility for your actions.  Even take responsibility when its not your fault will give you that feeling of empowerment.  Everyone needs to to have their shine, let yourself be great and make a difference by being socially responsible.  You can do something as small as starting to compost food scraps.

Stop Hanging Around Those Who Distract You.

Stop hanging with those people who distract you. I’m talking about those people who know you are on a diet and invite you to go eat pizza. Those people do not respect your personal growth. Its time to put those people to the side for a minute in order to stay on track. Those people see you and are afraid of your greatness, they try to keep you down….GET AWAY QUICKLY!

Give Up Partners or Relationships With People Who Don’t Support You.

If you have a partner that does not support you, encourage you, or comment on your success…it’s time to let it go. In a toxic relationship, let it go!

You need support to move forward with your life, as the saying goes, “Behind every successful man, is a woman”. You’re only as good as those who you are around. You know you have someone on your team when they express genuine joy in your success. 

You’ll know when you have a real friend when you on your personal growth journey. Your real friends will be there with you through your highs and your lows.  If they “wasn’t with you when you was shooting in the gym” then think twice about your relationship.

STOP Procrastinating

This has what’s gotten me the most. Procrastinating. I was such a procrastinator that a friend of mine took time to draw a comic of me in a cape. She called me Super Procrastinator. Although it was funny, it hit me, I needed to change. Stop saying you will do it tomorrow, later, next week. No do it now, because you know your not going to do it later. Sometimes you just have to force yourself to do something. Even when you are tired. Thus the importance of eating right to give you a good amount of energy to complete your tasks.

Make sure to make time for what important to you. That time you take to watch the latest episode of that “zombie” series could be the time you take to do something that SERVES YOU. 

When you stop procrastinating and seeing progress, you will ask yourself why you didn’t start earlier. Right now i’m sitting here thinking why I didn’t just start writing my blog I deas as they came. Could have had a lot more blog traffic by now. But guess what. I started though!.writing this blog right now. I’m on a mission.


Appreciate The Present Moment

Stop worry about the future. Worry just causes anxiety and I can totally understand why there is so much anxiety in the world right now. People watch too much of what’s on the news. Lots of people seem to be preprogrammed to watch the news in the morning. Telling you about all the bad things going on , hardly anything good.

There actually are good things going on but not publicized nearly as much as the bad stuff. I found that the best way to be in the present and appreciate the present moment is through meditation. It allows me to ground yourself and become mindful of here and now. Meditation gives me a feeling of inner peace and well being.


I hope these 10 ways to becoming your greatest version is beneficial to you. If you know someone who would also benefit from this information, please share it using the social media links on the page. Sharing is Caring, Growing is Knowing.




8 thoughts on “10 Ways to Becoming Your Greatest Version

  1. These are wonderful tips. I see a few I’m actively practicing and a couple I can definitely do better on like fitness and procrastination. I do agree with the idea of not being a victim and going out and making things happen vs. just wait on your dreams. Go catch em!

  2. This post is so empowering!! I love the “stop waiting for things to happen”, it’s so true that people don’t take initiative when they really want something! Life doesn’t just give you what you want, you have to work for it! <3

  3. these are awesome tips. It is so important to get rid of people who do not serve you, and then to take massive action. I am a fan of Mel Robbins 5 Second Rule, which basically is a tool to get you moving toward your goal and take big actions, rather than just sit, and blame everything around you.

    Blessings, and have a great week!


  4. What a wonderful way to take care of yourself, live, be here now, and bless others.
    Taking responsibility (no matter what) is a pretty big step. I think we naturally want to blame others and circumstances.
    The thing is, we get to choose how we respond to circumstances. We don’t have to be reactionaries. We can live Proactively no matter how things (or people) are around us.

  5. There are so many good points here! I definitely need to stop saying “I can’t.” I had never really considered the implications of that!

    1. Thanks Claire, it’s amazing how you feel when you change these things around….always have an attitude of gratitude and life will love you back.

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